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Computer Experiment Teaching Center

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        The computer experiment teaching center is a combination of the original Xi’an Highway Traffic University Computing Center, the Northwestern Institute of Architecture and Engineering Computing Center and the Xi'an Engineering College computing center. It is the key public-level teaching laboratory for the whole university. It undertakes experimental teaching tasks for computer major and non-computer majors. The center has 63 experimental courses, fulfills 2.2 million hours teaching and computer experiment tasks annually, and provides services for more than 20,000 students every year. In 2006, it was titled the Computer Experiment Teaching Demonstration Center of Shaanxi Province.

Since the joint school established, the school raised the construction of the center with the support of “the Ninth Five-Year Plan”,”the Tenth Five-Year Plan”, "211" project construction funds and the Ministry of Education special funds. Now, the laboratory is well equipped and the total value of equipment are close to 24.32 million RMB with 1832 high-grade microcomputers. All of the 22 large-scale computer classrooms are connected with internet. The center can accommodate 44 classes (1760 students) at the same time, based on its total area of experimental teaching room up to 7990 square meters. Today, perfect network experimental teaching and laboratory management information platform have been set up.

In recent years, the center attaches great importance to the construction of faculty team, and the quality of personnel improvement in stability. The center has PHD and master staffs as well as employed high-title, professional teachers as experimental teachers. The center currently has 42 experimental teaching, technology and management personnel, among which 25 teachers are with senior titles, accounting for 60% of the total number. The ones with master degree or higher are 23, accounting for 55% of the total; The ones with doctor degree or higher are 6, accounting for 14%. The average age of the teachers is 40. Accordingly, the personnel title, education, age structure in the center is reasonable. A high-level and stable experimental teaching team has been established. In the aspect of teaching reform, the center actively explores and puts forward the construction idea of combining basic teaching service with practical engineering, and has achieved good results in the open laboratory and network teaching.

The experimental courses involve C language, computer foundation, computer software technology foundation, database, office automation, computer introduction, the introduction to computer network and other public basic courses, and 59 professional courses such as Graphic design and 3D animation, computer-aided design, architectural performance skills, document retrieval are also in the course list. Relying on equipment resources and various forms of laboratory opening, the center has actively provided laboratory opening service for many years, which presented a good software and hardware platform meeting teaching and practical needs. Above all, it improves the computer application level and interest of students.

While doing its teaching tasks, the center also serves research and development of teachers and graduate students, and opens to the society. Since 2000, it has been responsible for the national computer grade examination organization and management. And now it becomes the largest national computer grade examination test site in Shaanxi Province. More than ten thousands of people join in the national computer grade examination every year.

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